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How to Make a Climbing Cargo Net for Kids

Le 13 May 2016, 04:48 dans Humeurs 0


Dig two holes 11 feet apart with your shovel and post hole digger. Make each hole 12 inches wide and 36 inches deep. Place a post into each hole and fill in the holes around the posts with dirt. usa baketball shoes Lay a piece of your rope between the holes to line up the post faces properly. Check the plumb of your posts with the level. Compact the dirt with the handle of your shovel.

Lay the final post across the top of the uprights. Drill two holes through each end of the horizontal post. Make these holes so that they are 1 inch to either side of the center of each upright, giving you two pilot holes above each vertical post. Slide a lag screw through each pilot hole and drive the screws into the uprights with your hex driver bit.

Drill a hole through the horizontal post 6 inches from the inside edge of one of the upright posts. Drill a series of holes across the horizontal post from top to bottom, stephen curry shoes placing each hole 12 inches from the last. Drill the holes from the top through the bottom of the horizontal post. Make your last hole 6 inches from the inside face of the opposite upright.

Drill a series of holes into the inside face of both uprights. Make the first hole 6 inches below the lower face of the horizontal post. Space the holes in your upright posts 12 inches apart.

Lay your pieces of rope side by side on the ground with the ends even. Stretch out your tape measure next to the ropes. Place a mark at 30 inches on all of the ropes. Make nine more marks on the ropes, with each mark 12 inches from the previous mark.

Slide a rope through each of the holes in your horizontal post. Pull each rope through its hole until the first mark on the rope is 6 inches below the bottom face of the post. Wrap the end of the rope around the horizontal post and tie each rope off with a double knot.

Slide one end of a rope through the top hole in one upright, wrap the rope around the upright post and tie the end of the rope off with a double knot. Hold the opposite end of the rope up to line it up with the top marks on the vertical ropes. Tie a knot at the junction of the marks on the vertical and horizontal ropes. basketball shoes Pull each knot tight before you tie the next knot. Slide the opposite end of the horizontal rope through the top hole in the opposite upright, wrap it around the post and tie it off with a double knot. Install the remaining ropes through the rest of the holes in your uprights while tying the ropes to the existing netting at your marks.

Facts About Stilettos

Le 10 May 2016, 03:48 dans Humeurs 0


In the mid-1950s, Vivier was employed as a cobbler for the prestigious fashion house of Christian Dior. To accentuate the Dior gowns being designed during that period, Vivier produced shoes that created the illusion of longer, sleeker legs. The shoe style was -- and remains -- nike air max popular because it combines the delicate nature of a thin heel with the provocative assertion of height. International museums, including Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Germany's Deutsches Ledermuseum, have staged critically acclaimed exhibits of Vivier's handiwork. His personal clients included the barrier-breaking performer, Josephine Baker, and Queen Elizabeth II. He brought skills learned in elite sculpting classes to his mastery of shoe making.

Stiletto Innovators

While they may not have gained the level of exposure and commercial success that Vivier (1913 -1998) did as the signature shoe designer for the house of Dior, there are other legendary names in fashion renowned for their exploration of the stiletto aesthetic. In the 1940s, the Parisian shoemaker Andre Perugia was acclaimed for creating footwear that appeared to be without heels for the star stage performer, Mistinguett. And in 1947, nike free 5 0 the Italian immigrant Salvatore Ferragamo won the the coveted Neiman Marcus Award for innovation, thanks to shoes with heels that appeared "invisible" compared to the blocky heels most women wore.

Iconic Stilettos

Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Hefner made stiletto part of the official uniform for Bunnies who served as hostesses at his signature nightclubs during their heydays of the 1960s. Stiletto heels have made enigmatic cameos in memorable Hollywood films: In the suspense film "Single White Female" (1992), a stiletto was used as a murder weapon; Elizabeth Taylor stole a scene in "BUtterfield 8" (1960) by stabbing her heel into a man's foot; and Jane Mansfield, star of "The Girl Can't Help" (1956), gave the style a boost when she admitted to own hundreds of pairs. For more than half a century, stilettos have embodied sex appeal and figments of female strength.

Modern Masters

Several shoe brands with distinctive characteristics currently dominate conversation and consumer devotion surrouding stilettos heels. Among them are: Jimmy Choo, with their exceedingly high arches and customary straps over the forefoot; Christian Loubutin, with their trademarked red soles; nike free and the Italian labels Versace, Gucci, Fendi and Prada, which constantly push the envelope of putting women's best elevated foot forward.

Substitutes for Hand Weights

Le 5 May 2016, 05:52 dans Humeurs 0


A gallon of water weighs more than 8 pounds. That's enough for a beginner to benefit from working with full or partially full gallon jugs for hand-weight exercises like pec flyes or biceps curls. nike school backpacks Once lifting that gallon jug doesn't feel like much of a challenge, you can upgrade to a full detergent jug that can weigh a lot more; for example, a 210-ounce detergent jug weighs more than 13 pounds when full. If you're feeling really ambitious, a 5-gallon water jug weighs more than 40 pounds.

Sandbag Training

Sandbags simulate the sort of awkward weight you may be called upon to move around in real life; that awkward weight and the bag's malleable nature also develops grip strength. Instead of using a contractor's sandbag on its own, put the bag in a durable duffel bag with a small handle on each end. nike basketball backpacks Contractor sandbags usually weigh around 55 pounds. If that's too much weight for you, cut a small slit in the sandbag, pour some sand out, then apply heavy-duty duct tape to seal the slit. You can use the sandbag for many of the dynamic lifts that you'd do with kettlebells, or hold it in a bear hug for exercises like squats or alternating lunges.

Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers and adjustable-height gymnastics rings allow you to turn almost any hand-weight exercise into a body-weight workout instead, complete with an inherent instability that forces your core to work overtime. For example, you can adjust the suspension trainer or rings to halfway between head height and your highest reach, then use them for pullups; adjust them at about waist height for doing dips; or move them low to the floor to use as a base for pushups.

Elastic Resistance Bands

Elastic resistance bands are exactly what they sound like -- giant, super-tough rubber bands or elastic tubing, which provides dumbbell-like levels of resistance when stretched. The heavier-duty resistance bands usually have handles to help you maintain a solid grip, as well as specially padded door anchors that let you anchor the middle of the band to the top, bottom or side of a closed door so you can push or pull on both ends at once. Elastic resistance bands pack down small and light, so they're the perfect hand weight substitute for using while traveling -- nike shoulder bag but they're also more vulnerable to damage than the other solutions mentioned here, so always check your elastic resistance bands for any nicks, cracks or other signs of wear before each use.

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