Teamed with dark denim or dress pants, a good pair of classic black lace-up Oxfords is always a solid choice. Here, men have two primary options -- the blucher or balmoral. nike air max The former is decidedly more casual, with the lacing panels leaving a small gap, exposing the tongue. This is ideal for wear with a sport coat or blazer. Balmorals in contrast are typically of higher polish, with the lacing panels touching. This is the preferred choice with formal wear. In neither case should the toe be excessively squared off or pointed, as both are dated and lack that classic look.


Suede wingtips are a casual option, often made with a contrasting smooth leather on the toes and stray away from the classic look, becoming a more stylish alternative to Oxfords. Wingtips come in white with black leather, tan with brown and multiple other creative choices. Wingtips are a solid choice when heading to the bars, but might not be the most appropriate option in restaurants where a jacket is part of the dress code. nike flyknit saleSuede is most appropriate in the fall and winter.

Military-inspired Boots

The rugged-yet-refined look is all the rage for men, mixing polished leathers with materials such as canvas and suede. For a night out in places where a nice pair of jeans and a sweater are appropriate, so too is footwear such as this. By blending polish with roughhewn good looks, these boots are appropriate for that transition on casual Fridays from the office to the watering hole.


A well-maintained pair of quality loafers teams with almost any pant. Even tassles, once considered dated, are making a resurgence. Although appropriate for a night out, this footwear is not normally teamed with a business suit. In business casual environments however, nike flyknit they're ideal for a polished yet dressed-down look. Loafers should not be confused with moccasins, which are usually suede and less constructed than true loafers. Versatile colors include cordovan, black and light tan.