Know your shoe size. You not only need your shoe size, but you should know how specific brands fit. Some brands run smaller than their labeled size and some run larger. If you don't have an idea about how a certain brand runs, you may end up needing to return the shoes because of fit problems. cheap birkenstock If you are ordering tall boots you will also need to know how big around your calves are. This measurement is often included with boots that fit over the calf.

Find a site that allows shoes and boots to be returned. Knowing your shoe size and the way the brand will fit will make it less likely that a return will be necessary, but there may still be a problem with the make of the shoes or receiving the wrong style. Most shoe sites will take shoes back, but they may have very strict rules about how long the customer has to return the boots or shoes. If you must return them, birkenstock molina include a print out of the order details in the package.

Search by brand, then by size. If you can find the brands you like on a site that has a reasonable return policy, you will have to be sure that they have your size. Many footwear websites run out of specific sizes. If the website is out of your size, there may be other websites that have it. Keep searching for a site that has your size.

Use the budget search function. If you have a very specific budget that you must use for your shoes and boots, birkenstock uk use the budget search to find the shoes in your budget within your brand. Most online shoe stores have a search by budget that makes it easy to find the exact price range you want.