Cotton workout clothing can withstand a warm wash to help remove odors. Wash synthetic clothing, though, on the gentle cycle in cool water; hot water shortens the life of your clothes and can even change their texture. cheap birkenstock Your synthetic workout clothes will last even longer if you choose your laundry loads carefully. Exclude clothing with zippers or that can catch on your workout clothes, as well as heavy towels or anything else that can abrade the fabric and shorten its life.

Choice of Detergent

A detergent made specifically for sportswear can help with technical shirts and shorts. These detergents won't clog the pores that give technical fabrics their ability to wick moisture away from your skin, and they're more likely to get persistent odors out. birkenstock molina If sportswear detergents aren't an option, wash with a powdered detergent without fabric softener, optical brighteners or fragrances.

Air Dry the Technicals

Tossing your clothes in the clothes dryer may get them dry quickly, but dryer sheets can leave residue on the fabric and trap in bad smells. High heat from a dryer can also ruin the texture of synthetic workout clothes and shrink cotton clothes, so hang them to air dry on a clothesline or drying rack instead.

Eliminating Persistent Odors

Washing your clothes as soon as possible after the workout helps keep foul odors from forming in the first place. If odors persist, try using an enzyme-based presoak to get rid of the smell. If that still doesn't do the job, try the stink-busting option suggested by Eduardo Herrara of Slate NYC dry cleaners in an interview with birkenstock uk Men's Health: Dilute an ounce of detergent in a half-gallon of warm water, then add the juice of one lemon. Scrub wherever the persistent smells linger with a soft brush dipped in that solution, then wash on the warm cycle and add 2 ounces of white vinegar during the rinse.