Wear crocs until the the tread is gone or until you just have too many, new balance bbhen but need another color.

Donate your worn out shoes at participating retail stores. Those stores will have an "authorized collection center" sticker on the window near the entrance.

Mail your worn out crocs to SolesUnited if you do not have a retailer near you (see Resources). SolesUnited sorts your old shoes, grinds them up and makes them into new shoes. Non profit organizations throughout the world receive those shoes and donate them to those who need them. cheap new balance 576 Over 1 million pairs of shoes have been recycled and donated to those in need so far.

See where your donations go. Although you cannot track your individual shoes, recycled shoes are going to Armenia, Cambodia, Chad, Darfur, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Malawi, Mali, Moldova, Philippines, Romania, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. As the operation grows, new balance uk the number of countries receiving the donated shoes will increase.